Competence Network
Information Technology to Support the
Integration of People with Disabilities

The member of the Upper Austrian government Reinhold Entholzer paid a visit to KI-I


Mr. Entholzer assured himself of the high quality of the presented human-computer-interaction possibilities. “These new technologies reduce the barriers between people with disabilities and their environment. Therefore they enable these people to participate in societal life in a more equal way.” said Entholzer.

Although it was Mr. Entholzer’s first visit to KI-I, he recognised some of the brochures in Easy-to-Read, that he had already seen during his political work. “Since July 2014 Upper Austria is the first County in Europe to translate all their official notifications into easily understandable language or, when necessary, into Easy-to-Read. Easily understandable information is not only a great help for people with disabilities. The amount of companies that recognise the importance of such information is constantly increasing. These companies have their information materials for employees and customers translated by KI-I.” said Entholzer happily.

Finally Mr. Entholzer was informed about “Proqualis”, a project evaluating the quality of service and support institutions for people with disabilities. Beside the high quality of Proqualis’ work, this project also proves that people with learning difficulties can also be employed on the primary labour market.

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